Keystone FC  offers extensive goalkeeper training throughout the entire year. As a club we believe in having complete, well-rounded teams. In order to achieve this we recognize that we must provide position specific training for our goalkeepers. Our goal is to provide the training to make the most technically, tactically, and mentally strong goalkeepers in the area.

During the Fall and Spring seasons we offer free small group training between 2-3 times a week for all our Goalkeepers within Keystone FC. Groups are broken out into multiple age groups (U-9 to U-10, U-11 to U-12, and U-13+). Goalkeepers are encouraged to attend as many sessions as they can. Our goalkeeping curriculum builds up from the basic fundamentals into more advanced techniques. Many different techniques are taught throughout the season to develop all areas that are required out of the modern goalkeeper. 

Through the Summer and Winter we may offer a variety of goalkeeping camps, clinics and sessions. The camps, clinics and sessions are a great time for younger goalkeepers to learn more about the position and for older goalkeepers to hone their skills with quality reps. These extra Camps and Clinics are available to Goalkeepers in and outside of Keystone FC.

For questions regarding all goalkeeper training sessions, camps, or clinics.

Justin Johnson

Director of Goalkeeping