Keystone FC South Travel

South Travel Program

General Overview

The Keystone FC South programs are part of Keystone FC and operate within the Keystone FC Code of Conduct, Bylaws, and Program Structure.  Collectively, these programs will at all times strive "to develop high quality soccer players by providing a comprehensive youth soccer experience. "  All participants (players, parents and coaches) are required to sign the Keystone FC Code of Conduct during the registration process.

Team Coaches

As a general policy, Keystone FC recognizes that a high quality soccer program must provide a professional level of technical and tactical training. Accordingly, all Keystone FC South teams will have a professional paid coach who will be with the team for all practices and competitions. Where a parent is qualified, the parent may become the head coach, with approval from the Director of Coaching (DOC).

Player Evaluation and Team Selection Process

As a general policy, it should be understood that all players will be evaluated in areas of individual soccer skill such as control/first touch, physical speed, technical speed, tactical awareness, fitness, individual and group defending and attacking, and more.  However, while player evaluations provide an important role in assessing an individual player’s ability and potential, it does not form the sole basis for player evaluation and team selection.  Past performance, commitment to team, player development, player skill sets, and other factors may be given consideration in evaluating the player and in examining both the best interest of the player and the best interest of the team.  Player evaluation and team selection, therefore, will reflect consideration of all relevant factors.   

Tryouts and Timeline

Player tryouts for specific teams (age groups) are administered by and coordinated by the DOC and his/her staff, with oversight from the Keystone FC Staff.  Two team tryouts will be administered by the head coach, with the DOC (or their designee) and another age group coach serving as the primary assessors.  

Specific tryout dates and registration requirements will be announced and posted on the Keystone FC website weeks in advance of the actual assessment dates.  The schedule for player assessment and team identification will generally resemble the following timeline:

  • February: Upcoming year registration is open
  • Early May:  Keystone FC South tryouts are held
  • Middle of May:  Keystone FC South team selections are made and offers are distributed to players (note: rosters spots are held for one week following team selections pending player’s completion of registration and payment requirements).

Please note that there may be instances where player assessments and team selection will be made earlier than these general dates or take longer.  Please also expect specific age groups (i.e. U11) to be announced individually as some age groups may be completed sooner than others.

Notification of Team Selection

If a player declines an invitation to join a Keystone FC South team, the DOC, and the affected coach, shall identify an appropriate player to be selected for the purposes of filling the open roster position based upon the aforementioned assessment factors.   

Player Unable to Attend Tryouts

If a player will miss a tryout, they must notify the DOC that they will miss along with the reason why they will be absent.  At the discretion of the DOC, a make-up tryout may be scheduled for purposes of player assessment and team selection.

In the event of a serious injury, the DOC has the discretion to assign the player to the appropriate team based on other relevant factors, including past performance, the current coach’s evaluation, and his/her overall assessment of the player in relation to other candidates who participated in the tryout.   

Confidentiality of Tryout Rankings/Team Selection

The DOC, coaches, and trainers who are provided with access to any tryout scores or other team selection information are required as a condition of training/coaching for Keystone FC to maintain confidentiality of player rankings and any other relevant details. 

Accountability of Coaches

All head coaches shall be approved by the Keystone FC Board with direction from the DOC.  The DOC reserves the right to dismiss any coach or trainer if the DOC determines that doing so is in the best interests of the affected team and/or the club, or is necessary based on conduct and performance that is inconsistent with our Code of Conduct.